The Swells of Life

The Swells of Life

Do you ever imagine that you’re in a boat and the waves are tossing and throwing you all around? And it seems like you will never get steered in the right direction much less get your feet back on solid ground. I have been feeling this way a lot lately and in the spirit of transparency I want to share that with you all. But in sharing also want to share with you how we continue to allow God to be the Lord of our lives even during what appears to be like never-ending chaos.

We have had some very large waves over the last few months. We are currently living with family while we finish building our Tiny House. This is a change for our little family of four because we are used to it just being us. We are grateful for all the support we have received from our family and those that love us. Building a house also presents its own set of stresses. There are decisions to be made and big purchases to be made both of which sometimes feel draining to us. We have recently started back to school and all our ministry involvement is in full swing. Jarred is working from early morning until late in the evening, many nights not even getting home before the boys go to bed. My grandmother is on hospice care and that has been really rough on my family.

These are all the things that stress me right now. These are all the things that make me feel as thought I might lose my mind! Yet this I recall to mind, you died Lord! You did not die for this to be our focus. You died so that we can proclaim the Gospel and share your truths with others. We are doing that amongst the stresses of life and that is amazing. We have the opportunity to help others begin a healing process in their lives that will allow them to never be the same. That is beyond amazing. We continue to teach our own children what we believe is important from scripture and we take the time to serve alongside others.

We have choices when the swells of life come crashing at our door and threaten to take us out. We can either allow them to take us out and zap every thing in us. Or we can rely on the promises of the Lord and the Power of Christ and step out of the boat onto those crashing waves with our eyes fixed on Jesus. My challenge to you this week is that you allow your self to be so focused on Christ that all the other distractions of this life that crash upon you will not get you wet, will not knock you down and instead will be the fuel you need to keep focusing on Christ all the more.

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