The Expectation of Service

The Expectation of Service

I originally drafted this as  devotional for our Premier Designs Jewelry group but it applies to all aspects of our life and therefore I want to share with you all!


The Expectation of Service
Brandi Harris

You, my brothers, were called to be free, but do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13

We speak frequently about service but why is it so important? Can’t we just do the bare minimum and get by? Sure you might be able to but are you then really serving from the heart or from the right motives?  It is important that we talk about salvation in the discussion regarding service for several reasons. I want to know that each of you  has heard that if you have not made Christ the Lord of your life, your ultimate boss that you can. Maybe you have even said at one point that you believed in the Lord but your life doesn’t or hasn’t mirrored that. I urge you to talk to someone in your life that you trust, that you know is a Christian and figure out for yourself what Christ has in store for you and what His word says about who you are in Christ. Your level of willingness to serve others is a direct reflection of your heart. We must serve out of a desire to truly ensure others needs are placed above our own. Not for selfish gain. We also shouldn’t give the appearance that we are serving for their benefit but selfishly only concerned about how it will help us in the long run. Love God and Love People, we have all heard that right and that is what I am referring too. When we serve others out of our desire to be obedient to the Lord and to place others as more important than ourselves, then God will bless us beyond what we can imagine. When you are serving with the right motives, you will see new opportunities to serve, you will be open to the Lord’s quiet or sometimes very loud urging of you. As a Christian, you are held to a higher standard.

God expects you to behave like you have been saved in all you do. “A saved heart is a one that wants to serve”– Rick Warren

So if God has saved you, you have been called to serve in some way according to your gifts. But what happens when you are called to serve outside of your particular gift. We are to respond with a willing heart. A heart that desires to be obedient, to learn, and to meet the needs of others. Just because something is not what your used to doing doesn’t give us an excuse not to do it. I can remember when I was working in a full-time job. I remember saying something that got me in the most hot water I can remember in my career. I was young and had to learn but in a meeting I was asked if I did a particular task and my response was “ that’s not my job” Oh goodness was that the wrong thing to say!! Some were mad but one came along side me and showed me that everything is my job. There is nothing outside my area. A lot of this was based on my immaturity, being straight out of college and very green in the professional world but it wasn’t long before I realized that it wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about the fact that it wasn’t really my job to do that or that it was going to cause me hours more work. It was about whether I was willing to serve others, those who didn’t do their job and those I worked with and for. When we understand that our Life is about God and not about ourselves we are set free from expectations. We are free to give our best, to love others well and to let God do the rest.

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