Still Small Voice of God

Still Small Voice of God

Wow! It has been so long since I have shared with my readers and I know that I had promised to be more involved. We have had some major things going on in our life lately which I am sure all of you have as well. Just a to bring  you up to speed we have been building our Tiny House. We are now moved into it after only living with family for a short three months. We could have never imagined that it would have happened that quickly and it wouldn’t if it had not been for the support of family, friends, and even some people who do not know us at all. But we are so incredibly grateful and can not thank you all enough for your contributions to our family home, our family time, our sense of comfort and peace, and just the overall reminder of the goodness of others and of the Lord.

Amidst this crazy part of our life, we received a job offer in Colorado. And we genuinely considered it as a good move for our family. We went for an interview, toured the place, and prayed so intently on what God would have us do. It took us being very in tune with his voice to know where he wanted us. There were so many things that pointed us to moving but in the end we felt confident the Lord wanted us to stay right where we are. He has work for us to do here individually and as a family. However, I firmly believe that he was testing us, pushing to see how far we would go in our obedience to him and we were obedient. We followed every step he placed in front of us and then were obedient when he resolved in our hearts that now is not the time. But we are better prepared to be obedient when the Lord tells the Harris family to go. We are prepared to follow the Lord where ever he will take us and serve in how ever he would have us serve. But if we ever get too far away from his word in our life we will have a much harder time recognizing the voice of God.

So the take away for today is stay in God’s word, be obedient, and listen for his voice when he directs your steps.

A Tiny House, Many Big Hearts

A Tiny House, Many Big Hearts

I would not normally discuss this type of topic here on my blog because well it’s not the topics I cover. However, I felt compelled to share with you all what is going on in my life at this time. Many of you have become like family to me and I wanted you to have the opportunity to take this journey with us.

We are building a Tiny House. It is most definitely tiny by American standards but we don’t follow the standard. We will have 389 sq ft for the four of us. I know many of my followers are from countries where they live in much smaller homes than we are used to so this may not seem like a big deal to some but to us it is. However, we are not scared at all about this change in our lives. We are more than thrilled.

We have created a fundraising website, Harris Tiny House Fund, to help us finish out the home. We have made a great deal of progress on here and I will post photos of the progress of the house as it moves along to keep you all up to date however we have a great deal of work still left to complete.  I would love for you to check out the fundraising site, Harris Tiny House Fund and see if you are able to contribute in any way even if it is just your prayers for our family. But if you are able to donate monetarily, your contribution will be much appreciated.

We love the Lord in the family and I know each of you know that about us based on the things you read about us. We are excited to be able to better serve the Lord by freeing up our time and resources by living in a much smaller home. If you have any questions about this. or anything at all please contact me!!

We are so grateful for each and every one of you and so grateful to our family and friends who have already donated so much of their time, money and other resources to help make this dream come true for us!

Here are some Photos of the progress we have made to this point:


Electricity is going in this week.

Boys pretending to sleep on their custom built fold away wall beds


Boys Discussing what life will be like in our tiny house