Brandi Harris was a pleasure to work with during my time as Property Manager for the State of Texas for a building located in Seven Points, Texas.  Brandi was a supervisor for Child Protective Services and was very instrumental in providing information regarding building maintenance issues and also served as a point of contact regarding the building.  Brandi’s journey into ministry has been exciting for me to observe.  After reading one of Brandi’s blogs, it was quite apparent that she had gifts that were screaming to be released.  I have been blessed by her posts and highly encourage others to read with attentive hearts to her messages.

-Yours in Christ,  Jacqueline Everhart-Thompson-Previous Co-Worker

Brandi and I shared an office during our employment at Child Protective Services. To this day, Brandi was one of the most supportive co-workers I’ve ever had and I always found her to be motivating and inspiring as she truly felt passion for helping the families on her caseload. Her positive attitude is contagious and her love and devotion for God and her own family shines through in everything she does.

-Lindsay Wooten, Previous Co-Worker


Brandi has a heart for The Lord and a gift of writing. Her greatest desire is to use this gift The Lord has given her for His glory. I’m beyond excited to see what God does in and through her during this journey He has her on.

Ketra Hancock L.A.S., Co-Founder and Executive Director of Still Waters


I was honored to work with Mrs. Brandi Harris at the Department of Family and Protective Services. I observed her attitude to be caring, compassionate, and she thrived under extreme stress and crisis. She relied on her faith during challenging times at work and in her personal life. She is a thoughtful person and full of love.

-Harriette Barron, Author of Coffee Time with Daddy: My Road to Recovery


I have known Brandi Harris for more than 5 years and I can truly tell you that she speaks from the heart. No matter what she says you know it is her honest opinion. She is a great person and inspiration. I can trust that anything I share with her (even some of my most intimate thoughts) will be taken to the grave and she has always given me her undivided attention. I have shared things with her that I have never shared with others and I have no regrets because I know she does not see me differently and she does not pass judgment on me. One of the quotes that comes to mind when I think of Brandi is this, “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right”. I say that because Brandi chooses not to tell you what she thinks you want to hear or what is acceptable. She is going to tell you what she thinks and she is always leading with her strong heart and faith.

-Susan Oxford MSW, Previous Supervisor and Mentor


I met Brandi as one of my students in my first year serving in Youth Ministry. She has always been very bright and wanting to grow and learn as much as she could about God and how to live the life that He wants for her. She has grown into an incredibly wise woman of God, who longs to share her wisdom and talents with other women. Her passion is to mentor women to become the wives and mothers that God has called them to be in their homes. I count it a blessing, to now serve with her as co-leader in our Lace Women’s Ministry.

-Rima Griffin, Co-Founder and Leader of L.A.C.E Women’s Ministry